The Elf on the Shelf® boxed set and Scout Elves at Play™ Peppermint Plane Ride bundle

This beloved family tradition has captured the hearts of children everywhere who embrace the magic of having a Scout Elf who reports to Santa each night during the holidays. Each morning your Scout Elf lands in a new spot in your home, creating a delightful game of Christmas hide-and-seek. Watch your kids light up as they search for the Scout Elf each day! 


  • Adoptable Scout Elf™
  • Artfully illustrated storybook
  • Keepsake box
  • Official adoption certificate
  • Inflatable plane with candy cane art and festive detailing
  • 6 feet of Candy Cane Cable

    This bundle has everything needed to make lasting Christmas memories including a playful inflatable plane set, perfect for your Scout Elf to make your Christmas Spirit soar to new heights this holiday season!

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